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Many millionaires in Australia have built their wealth through investments.

By investing, you are putting money to work that can outpace inflation and help you escape the rat race.

This, however, is not easy. You can’t just throw money on any ‘shiny object’ and wait for the cash to start pouring in.

You need smart investing strategies that are catered to your risk profile and circumstances. 

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Smart investing needs a plan

Investments abound in Australia. 

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How to Get Started

Retirewise can help you develop a thorough plan that includes superannuation, non-superannuation investments, budgeting, debt management, tax management and more.

We’ll start with your current investments and provide you expert advice so you can achieve more. 

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Investing & Retirement Planning

Smart investing can help you build your retirement nest egg.

By starting early and following an investment plan that considers your retirement goals, you can be more confident that your post-career life will be comfortable.

Ideally, you should work with a retirement advisor who can help you develop your own retirement investment plan. 

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Why go it alone if you can leverage the power of a community?

Retirewise has a team of investment planning experts with decades of experience to help you build wealth.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of investments are best for retirees?

For retirees, the ideal investment mix will vary for each individual. It will depend on many factors such as age, income requirements, current assets including superannuation and property, risk appetite and expected future spending.

Ensure you ask your investment advisor which investments can best help you outperform the current inflation rate. 

Which investment has the highest return?

Investments that are positioned for capital growth are considered the vehicles with the highest returns in the long-term.

This typically includes investments in shares and property.

However, higher returns also mean a higher risk of losses, so you need to consult an investment advisor before you invest in growth opportunities.

Is it worth it to hire an investment advisor?

Generally, you can place your money in most investment opportunities in Australia without the help of an investment advisor.

Nevertheless, partnering with an expert advisor can help you minimize the considerable risks that can arise when investing by yourself. 

Can I invest while going through a divorce settlement?

Yes, generally you may still invest while you are in the process of a divorce settlement.

But take note that any investment you make during the legal proceedings may still be considered taxable investments as part of the shared assets. 

So once the divorce has been settled, you may then need to divide the investments and any profits or distributions, after taxes. Refer to your family lawyer in need.